Doggie Couture, “Adorn Me”

The whole reason that Mimi Green started was because I didn't have a collar beautiful enough to suit my Cecilia. I made her one with super cool scraps that I had and 2 vintage buttons, remember?

My mother in law gave me the nicest gift of jars and jars of vintage buttons last month — these are fantastic buttons, they even got Dan excited!  The more I played with them the more I realized that they belonged on a collar, a beautiful, wonderful collar.
Well I think Dan realized it first, but that's what is great about him, we are always on the same page.


Here is a peek at "Adorn me #1"  a little piece of Mimi Green Couture for your dog

It is a size medium and there is only one of these in the world.

It is going to be in my etsy store very soon, I can't wait to get it off to one special dog. And I can't wait to show you more one of a kind collars that these buttons inspire.

One thought on “Doggie Couture, “Adorn Me”

  1. made just for me says:

    I just LOVE this one! Is it on a red background? Would it fit Tinkerbell? Is it sold yet? I want it, I have to have it! It would be a great x-mas gift for her!
    Let me know if I can get this!
    Thanks! 🙂

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