MImi Green is all moved in. Whoo hoo!

mimi green sewing studio

We are finally all moved in! I'll try to take you on a virtual tour of the place :


My desk area. I can see out the little window at everyone working in the studio.


View of the kitchen area

mimi green dog collar studio

Front door

mimi green dog collars

Paula working away. Didn't take us long to make messes! That little guy is Cooper, Jessi is babysitting him for a friend, but I really don't want him to have to go home! He has been so much fun to have around. See how much light we get!  It is absoulutly wonderful.


The sitting area in my office. Of course I'd have a gallon of milk on my desk 😉


Prepping area 


Paula, Jessi and Cooper working


Paula's pug Chupa hard at work 😉


Overall it was a great move. We did it in 2 days, but Dan and I still haven't gotten to cleaning up the old studio. It is so nice to have the office close by, it is only a mile away from our house!

I really love this new space 😉

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