The dawn of our new Blog, circa 2023

noah first mimi green studio

Years ago when I first started Mimi Green, I was an avid blogger. I blogged all about my life, my kids, my house projects and my makes. That was 2007. At the time, facebook was just becoming popular and texting was finally becoming free (remember when it was like $.25 a text?!) And things just started to change.  Being vulnerable and open on my blog felt safe, my readers were so engaged and so supportive.   When Instagram’s popularity began to increase I noticed more people spending time on Insta (which lets face it, is a place to write mini blogs) and less time on their blog feeds.

Becoming vulnerable and open on Facebook and Insta was a whole different monster.  It takes a little more effort for internet trolls to post a blog comment than it does to post a comment to your posts.  It takes almost no energy to read a fb/insta post, but much more to read a blog post. So naturally, fb/insta took over our minds and they honesty did not feel like safe spaces for me to share about Mimi Green or myself.  (Yes, I’m super sensitive and yes I have been known to let internet trolls get under my skin!)

Fast forward 15 years and although our Instagram and Facebook are ADORABLE with photos of all your dogs sporting Mimi Green, rarely do we get personal anymore.  My team and I agree that this is a major bummer.   Why does this bum us out, well….

1 – We are a family run business. Any day of the week you will see my sons here working. My husband and I both work at Mimi Green (did ya’ll know that?!) My uncle and grandpa came in last week to help us build these cool modular storage for our fabrics.  My bestie and her husband come in weekly to visit, take photos, bring us coffee!  We are real people with real lives and we do have interesting things to share about it! We aren’t the run of the mill factory kind of place and we want you all to see that and feel the warmth we have here!

2 — We are a women owned brand and we want to shout that from the rooftops!

3 — We don’t make fast fashion. Our team takes time and care into every single collar produced. Each is a little piece of artwork. I’d love to give you an insight into our process, share stories about the team and the super cool projects we are working on.

4 — We want you to know we are dog + cat owners just like you! Currently we have Fox the Heeler (Andrea’s dog), Sesame the Pug (my dog!), Bishop the kitty (Kiana’s cat!) in the office on the daily.  Plus, we have office pets! Three cockatiels and two lop bunnies who are beyond cute.

5 — Mimi Green is a working artist studio. We were smashed in our 5,000 sq foot building with our full photo studio, leather studio, sewing production, felt flower studio, and all the other things that go into running Mimi Green (shipping, customer service, management) Oh and also our craft supply business I bet you didn’t know about,!  We want to show you around, show you how freaking awesome our set up is. And show you our new 8,000 sq foot building that we moved into recently!

6 — Not only that, but we are handmade in the USA and will always be. It’s one of our core values.  Because of that we are able to provide full time, living wage jobs to New Mexicans which is something we are super proud of.

So what am I going to do about this dilema you ask? Well, although i’m not ready for fb/Insta/Twitter type exposure, I have a giant goal to get my blog back up and going.  We all want you to know WHERE your collars are coming from, WHO is making them, WHY we make doggy fashion, and just generally WHAT we are up to!

So here’s to getting to know eachother again.  And PS — I love hearing all your stories about your lives and your pups, it’s the absolute best part of this job. ❤️

noah first mimi green studio
This was the first MIimi Green studio and that cute little guy is 23 years old now!!