New Baby; Same Bag

Canon_2 She arrived from Amazon last week. Canon SD1000 Elph.  I thought I’d never waste money on a point and shoot, but lately, with a 7 year old, a baby and a very large diaper bag in tow, I have found that I no longer have the capacity to carry around my bulky Canon SLR.  Turns out that heading to the dark side wasn’t such a bad idea.

She shoots video that actually is watchable upon my television set.

She has manual settings that make me feel like I am the one responsible for the shot.

She is shoots more mega pixels as my last Nikon D100–  7.1 to be exact.

And thanks to her friend, the SanDisk Ultra II 2 gig card, she is fast as lightning.

But her biggest asset in my book is that she fits perfectly in the pocket of my purse / yoga bag / diaper tote  and my husband’s big hands. Yes, my husband the photography teacher has been shooting with it too. Picture_015  I wasn’t sure that he would come anywhere near it since it doesn’t shoot out 4×5 negatives, but he likes her tiny, powerful body . That’s men for you.

Oh I forgot to say that if you have all sorts of time before you need to take your photo, you can designate a color in your frame that this very smart camera will select while rendering the rest of the image in black and white. Auggie thinks this feature is pretty cool, but I don’t think I will ever remember to use it again. 

The lens quality on the SD1000 seems to be pretty good, what else would you expect from a Canon though.  (Full review here on DPhoto Journal )

Basically I am in love. Not to say that I am trading in the SLR, I still needed its precision for things like this last week:

Now back to shooting my new favorite subject, I like to call this one "Portrait of the Artist’s Son, With Carrot."