New Blog & New Mimi Green Products!

Welcome to our new blog! We loved our old Typepad blog, but it was time to move it onto our own site, so here we are on WordPress. Bear with me as I learn all the ins and outs of WordPress (which is awesome so far btw!).

Besides the big blog change, we’ve also had some other big changes around Mimi Green.  This past week we started to add a new line of designer DSRL camera straps to our brand! I know this is getting off track a bit, we are first and foremost a dog collar company, but I have a good explanation.  I love making products that I would want to use. In fact, I have a super hard time making new products that I don’t use myself (it took me two years to make harnesses and I still don’t have all of our styles for sale!)  I use every single thing we make and I love using them.  To be frank, my personal constituiton only allows me to make products I am passionate about.

Cora Camera StrapWe all know I am passonate about dogs, but that wasn’t my first passion.  Since I can remember, my greatest passion in life has been art.  When I started college, I knew that I wanted to get an art degree, but that I should get a more pracical degree.  I was on the fast track to getting my bachlor’s in journalism, but I just couldn’t fight the urge to be a student of art. Even though it added a few extra years onto my college expierince, I made the switch. At first I thought for sure I’d be a painter, but things changed after my first photography class. Amanda +  camera = love at first site. And its been that way for the past 10 years with no wavering.  I even met my husband because of photography — he was a photo grad student when I was doing my undergrad (and he was my photo teachers roomate.)

Dan and I got married while he was finsihing up his degree and we made big plans — I wanted to work in a museum (and I did for a bit) and he wanted to teach photography at the university level (and he did for a bit too). We had a great plan, fate laughed at it, and now we are fulfilling our destiny with a dog collar company that we LOVE.

And we do love sharing our passion for dogs with all of you, so I thought that this was the year when I could share some of my passion for photography with you too.

Just like Mimi Green collars started, Mimi Green camera straps began as a gift I made for myself. I looked and looked for a new upscale camera strap that matched my style and only found straps that I sort of liked, nothing I loved. So, I spent a Saturday in the studio and made my own!

mimi green custom camera strap
This is my personal strap

I really loved seeing our collar patterns in camera strap form and working with leather was AWESOME so I made more. And each one has been prettier than the last.

I can’t wait for all of you to see the full line up. The coolest thing is that you will be able to buy a camera strap that matches your dog’s collar!  We have the most amazing flower embossed Italian leather coming in the next 4 weeks and then we can get rolling. In the mean time, you can see the few that I did make here.

AND if that’s not enough news for ya, our Spring line of collars, leashes and harnesses launches this week! Stay tunned…