Ponoko, John McCain Jewelry, and Tijeras Open Air Market — in no specific order

I really love when I think of the perfect piece of furniture that would just complete my living room. I really HATE that I usually can't find it to buy nor do I know how to go about making it myself.

Those days are over. Today I read about Ponoko.com where you can either photograph or scan in a drawing of what you might want and Ponoko will tell you how much it will cost for them to make it for you. Better than just that, they will make it right here in the U.S.
Making a piece of furniture is just the tip of the ice burg.

Do you need a John McCain necklace? Ponoko can make you one, as strange as it is.


A new lampshade that you designed? A solar powered remove control truck? If you can dream it, Ponoko can make it.

And as and added bonus, after Ponoko produces it they will help you to sell it if you so wish. They will even show you how to cut costs.  There isn't much this company can't make and because of that, you will feel like the King of the World. Trust me here.

I wonder if they can make robots that can help sew. I am sitting under a heap of fabric getting ready for the Open Air Markert i am doing this weekend in Tijeras, NM. If you are in NM you should come on out. It looks way fun, music, food, lots of art– good times. 10-5 Sat. and Sunday although I think Mimi will only be there Sat. That is all I can handle I think!


I have never done a show where I have my own tent. Kim printed a ton of photos for me of the 7 crazy dog shoot  and I am going to hang those for decoration and inspiration.

I will post photos on Sunday– wish me luck!

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