Rowenta Auto Steam Iron

I really got spoiled this weekend. My $6 Wal-Green's iron bit the dust so my generous, loving, wonderful husband gave me his credit card and told me to go to Joann's and buy myself a fancy smancy iron. Yes that's right, I got a Rowenta.


Now, you wouldn't know the impact this would have on your life unless you have ironed with a Rowenta. See, you can hold this iron vertically and it steams your clothes — it is just like being at a dry cleaners!  If I had to dress up for work everyday this would be a God send. No more looking like you slept in your suit!

Not only that, but it has a stainless steel plate that makes the iron glides right over the fabric like butter. I never even knew what a chore it was ironing with my cheepy until I ironed with this amazing appliance. You don't have to put any pressure down, you don't even really have to push it, it just glides. (Take note that I am not talking about ironing clothes, I think I have done that like once in my life, I am talking fabric here.)

As we all know you can save yourself lots of headaches by just ironing your fabric before you start sewing. In fact, I think I am probably incapable of sewing without ironing. And now, thanks to my Rowenta, I will be able to do it in half the time! 

It heats up super quick and has an auto shut off so that if it sits upright for more than 8 minutes or sits on it's plate for more than 30 seconds it shuts off. Then it has a motion sensor that turns it right back on when you pick it up. Genius. Now I never have to worry about burning the house down with my iron again!

It cost quite a bit more than my Wal-Greens iron, like $54 dollars more, but I am sure that it is worth more like $1 million dollars. 

If you want to experience this sort of ironing nirvana, Joann's  is offering $20 off on their website, plus here is a coupon for Free Shipping at I like to spread the love.