We made it!

This year's holiday season is finally behind us, and I have to say that I am pretty proud of everyone here at Mimi Green. In December alone we shipped over 315 orders — can you believe it???  Christmas 08 we shipped 40 orders, which seemed like a TON at the time. Boy, I sure wasn't ready for the rush we had this year!

Although I was super tired and still don't think I have recovered, we had a really great Christmas here at the Jackson-Miller house.

We put up a tiny tree for the kids. My mother in law sent Dan's ornaments from when he was a kid and we used those.



The kids had a good time opening all the presents Santa brought, although every one Auggie opened from me he said "I don't like it".  The elmo slippers that I thought would be a huge hit made him cry!

  • IMG_8355
  • IMG_8327
  • IMG_8331
  • IMG_8313

 This hat wasn't a hit either until Dan said he was going to wear it and then Auggie liked it 😉

Here's a photo of one of the slower days! I hope all of you who got packages from us this Holiday Season loved your collars and leashes. I have some photos that I will post soon so you can see some our our customers in their holiday gear.


Here's to a great new year! I think 2010 is going to be really good for us.I hope it is really great for you too.

xoxo, amanda