A week in the life….

This week was pretty eventful. We had our first snow of the winter:

Of course I was at work when the precipitation hit. This picture was from a few hours after it all stopped.  Just to highlight what it is like to live in the dessert, all schools were canceled the next morning, government jobs were on 2 hour delays.  I had to drive home that morning at 7am, and to my avail the roads were practically clear. By 10am the snow was almost gone, but I was so glad that school had been canceled. I mean the kids might have had to wear their jackets and they may of had a whole lot of fun having a snow ball fight or building a snow person.  Who would have wanted that??!!?? So silly.

Having Noah home mad Auggie super happy though. I think he is all ready to get up on those fat little legs and run around with Noah.  Here he is trying, well succeeding, in escaping his car seat:

He didn’t even cry when he hit the floor. This one is all boy.

Noah lost another tooth this week. Out of boredom on that wintry snow day he pulled another one from his face. Soon I don’t know how this child will chew! He is totally goofy, I cannot imagine what kind of mayhem he and Auggie are going to get into together!

As for me, I finally got my new table delivered! Yahoo! It is absolutely gorgeous:

And my friend Doug is coming to take my piano in a few days so I have even more room for this beast of a set. It seats 8 and is 5′ x 5′ square. I totally negotiated the price, but even then I think I will still be buying one chair a pay check for the next 3 months or so. We started with 4 thanks to Allissa  and her school financial aid.  If the government only knew what they were paying for!

I am sort of sad about the piano, but that tells me that it is time for it to go. I really hate having attachments to material things and I have held onto this piano forever now! Kdphoto064

As you can see it is a beauty, but I have no idea why I have owned it for 3 years and moved it 3 times.  I tried to learn to play when I first acquired it, but that experience only magnified something I already knew about myself: I am musically stunted. I have no rhythm, music notes do not translate into anything in my brain and my coordination is that of a small child. With that said, I am so happy to see this beautiful instrument go to a good home,and so glad to get more room for what I like most, eating and socializing.

Not tying to learn to play the piano leaves me more time for this:

And really what is better.  (Photo by Noah. Amanda’s makeup still in the bathroom cabinet.)