Comfortable Dog Collars: Finding the Right One for Your Pooch

One of the best ways to keep your dog happy is to fit them with a comfortable dog collar. There are many different designs out there that you can choose for your pet, but it’s important to make sure that it’s made with materials that don’t cause discomfort.

Here is a brief guide to help you find the perfect comfortable dog collar for your canine companion.

Size the Dog Collar

Prior to shopping for a comfortable dog collar, it’s important to determine the size of your dog’s neck. You can easily measure neck size using a flexible measuring tape, but you can also use a string and traditional measuring tape or a ruler if you don’t have one.

Wrap the flexible tape or ruler around your dog’s neck between the collar bone and ears, where the dog collar will fit. Then add two inches to the measurement, which will give you the size you need for a dog collar.

When fitting a dog collar, the collar should allow you to fit two fingers through the back between the collar and your dog’s neck. The collar should ultimately be tight enough to avoid slipping, but loose enough to avoid strangling or choking.

Select the Right Type of Comfortable Dog Collar

There are several options you can choose from in a dog collar, depending on preferred materials and design.


Classic Personalized Leather Dog Collar

Leather collars are among the most commonly used. They are easy to fit and take off and are often available in many customizable designs, with metal or plastic buckles. Leather collars are ideal for dogs who can be off leash, don’t pull, or simply require a collar to hold an ID tag.


dog collar engraved

Nylon dog collars are among the most versatile, with a wide variety of colors, widths, and patterns available while remaining comfortable. Like leather collars, they are comfortable and customizable based on preference, and they are also great for holding IDs.


reflective dog collars

Biothane is another great material used in waterproof dog collars. It’s made with a non-toxic polyester webbing that’s powder-coated with either polyvinyl or polyurethane. Biothane is softer and more flexible than leather and is also cheaper. Many designs are also available for biothane, making them more fashionable for dogs while retaining comfort.

Find the Right Comfortable Dog Collar at Mimi Green

With these considerations, you can find a comfortable dog collar that matches your dog’s style here at Mimi Green. We carry a wide variety of dog collars that you can customize for your pet while keeping your dog comfortable and safe. We also carry many sizes depending on the size of your dog, with extra wide dog collars and collars for puppies available. Regardless of your dog’s needs, you’ll find the right collar when you shop at Mimi Green.

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