Easy Like A Sunday Morning.

Auggie and Momma had such a nice Sunday together. We sat on the couch, ate the most amazing vanilla cinnamon gelato, and watched some TV– what was on I don’t even remember. The taste of the yummy gelato was mesmerizing. One bite for mommy, 2 for Auggie. He went into a total gelato comma.


But then we went to hidden park and met up with Auggie’s friend Nigel and all was good again.  Picture_120

We napped the rest of the afternoon. Aug has grown 2 teeth in the past week and a half, plus he had his shoots on Friday, so he has been so super cuddly.

Noah joined us at the park for Aug’s play-date, he is such a good big brother. Here’s he and Aug in the tub.  Dan and I are the luckiest parents in the world. I wonder if all parents feel this way. Picture_086