Cessie is a model, you know what I mean….

Cessie had a bit of a photo shoot today, and she shook her little toosh on the, ummmm, dog walk. You can’t even tell anymore that 2 months ago she was homeless and she had major surgery on her arm. She has totally fattened up and her fur is growing back over her huge scar. Pug -tastic I say 😉

Auggie on the other hand, he didn’t think that this was any fun. Img_1992
I was so excited when I found  this jogging stroller at a garage sale when I was pregnant. Unfortunately, today was probably the 4th time Aug has ridden in it. But considering that I still have 30lbs of prego weight to loose, I think he will be ridding in it more and more now that it is nice outside.

Tomorrow Noah has a concert at the university– he is playing a guitar solo which I am so excited to see. And tonight, mommy and daddy have a date to go see  Wilco in concert.  I am assuming that Jeff Tweedy will be playing a guitar solo also, but it probably won’t be as good as Noah’s. 😉

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