I think they can’t possibly get any cuter…

And then Nicole in Pasadena, MD sends me a photo of her dog in a Riley collar

I forgot to ask her name, but isn't this dog a doll?  I can't wait to get this up on my new website that is sooooo close to being finished. I am dying for everyone to see it!

UPDATE: from Nicole " Her name is Bodhi (after the great zen master Bodhidharma).  We found her a couple of months ago at the pound.  She was so mellow among all the chaos, the name seemed to fit."
Thank you Nicole! I love names with story behind them. Bodhi is so super sweet!

One thought on “I think they can’t possibly get any cuter…

  1. Amanda says:

    Hey Amanda!
    I’ve been totally keeping up with you through your blog! I’m so excited to see your new website! From the preview it looks super cute! I just LOVE the colors you have chosen for it!
    So do you think that I should offer these scarves in my shop? I know that I will be taking them to the craft fairs this winter, but not quite sure how well they would do in the shop.
    If you would like one for Auggie, just email me. I’ll give you a discount since you will be my buyer of the new scarves! 🙂
    Thanks Amanda! Take care!
    [email protected]

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