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Hello stranger!

So I've been missing in action for awhile now, I know. Although I've said it before, my absence was for good reason.

Reason #1:

We hired a new staff. First few folks didn't work out, but 3rd time was the charm. Jessi started working with us about 6 weeks ago and we just adore her.  (Hope she doesn't mind that I stole this photo of her off Facebook!)Jessi


I could say that I have been so busy training her about all things Mimi Green and that is the reason I haven't blogged, but that is so far from the truth.  After the first week Jessi was rocking and rolling. Mr. Miller said she is going to be better at making collars than we are soon! We love her. She is not allowed to quit, ever. It was a bit stressful, okay a lot stressful, to hire lots of new people. It took up a lot of my attention and I thank God that is over for now.

Reason #2:

I have gone on a redecorating spree. The house looks like someone else's house — and I have been keeping it clean! I couldn't figure out how to balance kids / husband/ business / house but now I think I am getting the hang of it.  Only took me 9 years!






Here are some views of our bedroom. I can't get enough of it. It is my first bedroom that feels like it belongs to a grown up. We also have been working on the yard:

  • IMG_6021
  • IMG_6038


 See, check me out, I did my laundry AND hung it outside!  



Reason #4

I kinda got a 4th dog! IMG_5757



Meet Coraline Jackson-Miller. I didn't exactly mean to get a 4th dog, but I did and we love her. She might take a plane ride to MN to live with Dan's family who are looking for a dog, but we will see. We are getting pretty attached;)

Reason #5, and the biggest reason for not blogging…

We designed a ton of new stuff! You can see our 2009 Holiday Gear on our site here100x-mastree



New Fall line here: 

And lots of new colors of flowers!Orangeandlemon There are some other new Mimi Green designs on the way, but those I will keep under wraps. Until next time, and I promise it won't be months this time!

The Real Henry Miller

People are always asking me about who works here at the Mimi Green studio so I am going to give everyone a peek in.

First, I think we should start with the backbone of Mimi Green, the hardest worker around, the real boss, Henry Miller.

 henry, quaker parrot

Sometimes he gets really mad at us if we are talking and messing around.

quaker parrot

And he's been known to take out his anger on our thread, machines, and fabric. But we know he always means well.


henry taking a drink

He's pretty convinced that he is a human, even tries to drink water out of cups ;)  At least he told me that was water in the cup…

I was kind of put off last week when Dan bought himself a desk that practically takes up half of our space, but turns out that it was a great purchase. Henry now spends his days pacing the long desk hollering out commands such as  "Give me a Kiss" or "Come here girls".

Dan got Henry as a birthday present when he was just a little hatchling. (is that what you call a baby parrot? I don't know, but it sounds right!)

He now has a pretty big vocabulary and learns new sounds and words everyday. 

Now, if I could just teach him to say, "Amanda You're Good Enough, You're Smart Enough, and Doggone It, People Like You!" 

"Baby got back" will also do.