What is Mimi’s Doggie Deals Monday??

It’s our once-a-week email with links to select Mimi Green doggie goodness at up to a 50% discount.

The offer only lasts for 24 hours, but even so, we promise it will be a SWEET doggie deal each & every week. Find one-of-a-kind, personalized dog collars at an affordable price today!

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Doggie Deals FAQ

I recently bought today’s deal for full price. Can I get a refund for the Doggie Deals price?

You have to look at it like this: Doggie Deals is a once a week, 24 hour treat we offer to our customers (’cause we like you so much!). It is kind of like Groupon or Living Social deals — it is only valid for the 24 hours we have it up. Because of that, we cannot give refunds on prior purchases.

What if I want to add embroidery to my Doggie Deals collar?

You can totally do that! There will be an option on the page to add embroidery for an extra $12. Sometimes we put our embroidered collars up as Doggie Deals, and in that case the embroidery is included as part of the cost.

I can’t order the deals off my computer. Can I call you with my order?

You betcha! Give us a call at 505-514-0216 and we will take your doggie deals order over the phone.

Is Mimi’s Doggie Deals a Mimi Green Coupon?

Kind of, but not really. It is usually 3 products (that we randomly choose) that are offered at up to a 50% discount. If you are looking for Mimi Green Coupons or discounts, a good place to check is our blog or our Facebook page. We always have a current coupon code that is valid on regular priced items.

Are these MImi Green products on sale or clearance?

No, they are just on special for 24 hours. If you are looking for Mimi Green sales, click here.  Doggie Deals are more of a fun Monday morning thing for those of us who love to save money (like myself!)

Does signing up for Doggie Deals cost money?

No way! Doggie Deals is for saving money, not spending it! We love our customers, so we offer access to this exclusive deal 100% free!