Me Likey!

pup cup

I never thought that a cover for a tin can could make me so happy, but it does! 

Etsy seller The Lab knows how to think outside the box, or tin can as the case may be, and that is what makes them so fabulous. 

Here's how Pup Cups work:

First you take these super cool, handmade "cup" cover and admire the fine workmanship and super cute lab.


Then you go into your kitchen and take that tin fruit/vegetable can you were about to discard and wash it out. 

Last, take the cover and slip it over the can. Done and done. 

Then you, like me, can feel really happy because you not only recycled a tin can, but because you did it will a lot of style. One more great thing– these Pup Cups are around $7. Yes that is right — you don't have to choose just one — you can afford to buy all of your favorite The Lab designs!

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