Staying Positive.

We had a rough week.  Dan’s uncle Dave past away on Sunday very unexpectidly . Thankfully he was only suffering  in the hospital for two days, although he was there for most of that alone as he didn’t want to ruin his families holiday.

Unfortuanly I only knew him for one year, eight months. I feel angry, like
I missed out on having this man, who I felt a grand kinship with, in my life for longer.  Every time I saw him I reverted to a little girl who wanted to curl up in his lap and listen while he told me why the grass was green and where I could find a stream to catch tad poles.  He made me feel at home, he made me laugh and one night he stayed up with me, helping me drink 64 ounces of medicine because I was horribly sick. He was the first person I told on the phone that I was in laybor with Auggie and he was the first adult that I thought consistanly chose pleaseure over pain- no matter the consequences.

So this blog is for Dave.

Things that bring me pleasure:  Img_0744_2

A beautiful latte that I made with my own hands on a Saturday morning.


How happy and heathly Auggie is.


Things my mother in law makes me.


Dan making Noah laugh.


Taking Dan home with me.


My best friends. 

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