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Mimi Green on Flickr

I love how my awesome customers send me photos of their babies in my collars. Every time I get one of those emails my heart lights up.

This week Wendy from Paws on the Run in Canada sent me a photo of her sweet Lacey in her new Mimi Matilda collar.

Isn't she beautiful?? Wendy said that if Lacey had long hair she would sweep it behind her shoulders to show off her new collar. I love it.

I really have the best customers in the world, I am totally spoiled!

In honor of all these great photos I have started a Flickr group to show off your pups, Mimi Green Fashion Show

It is really easy to post your photos there and a Flickr account is totally free.  If you don't already use Flickr I highly recommend it.

Happy Holidays everyone!

Isn’t she wonderful?


Meet Olive. She is a 5 year old English Bulldog with a smidge of Boxer and she is so super beautiful, Mimi Green collar or not!
 English Bulldog Olive

This happy girl is wearing the 'Jewel' collar.  I love seeing my creations in action! I wonder if dogs really know when they are looking good in a new collar or leash. I swear that my dogs do. Etta has a serious freak out when I take hers off and she seemed so happy last time I gave her a new collar. She was acting so grateful and loving! 

I guess we will never know though!

More pups!

Meet Charlie:

And Bella:

They live with their Momma Linee in Vail, Arizona.

It is HOT in the desert right now, I can attest to that, so Linee says that Charlie has been taking daily dips in the pool and guess what? His collar is totally still looking good! Yahoo! No one had tested that out yet, I knew that they would survive the wash, but my pups have never even seen a large body of water much less gone for a swim. I am so happy to hear that Charlie's new collar is fitting in well with his doggie lifestyle! hehe.

Aren't they so super sweet? I have to ask Linee if they go swimming together. I bet they are good friends. And Bella looks just like my Etta! They could be sisters they look so much alike. The floppy ears, the awesome shinny black coat, how slim they are. I have to put their photos up together, but I am such a bad mommy — I have one million photos of Cessie up on my blog but only one of Etta.

My very good friend Kim Donald came over Monday and did a photo shoot with Etta and Cessie. I am excited to post the photos, they came out so beautiful! Etta is truly a model and her very sexy under-bite proves it! She loved the camera, or I should say, the camera loved Etta πŸ˜‰ Her photo shoot will be up very soon…..

I think they can’t possibly get any cuter…

And then Nicole in Pasadena, MD sends me a photo of her dog in a Riley collar

I forgot to ask her name, but isn't this dog a doll?  I can't wait to get this up on my new website that is sooooo close to being finished. I am dying for everyone to see it!

UPDATE: from Nicole " Her name is Bodhi (after the great zen master Bodhidharma).  We found her a couple of months ago at the pound.  She was so mellow among all the chaos, the name seemed to fit."
Thank you Nicole! I love names with story behind them. Bodhi is so super sweet!