The All Consuming Doggie Shirt

So I’ve been gone for awhile and part of the reason is these new shirts. I have been designing, adjusting, adding, photographing and messing with these shirts for weeks.

Here is a photo of the most recent incarnation:
mimi green dog shirt with ruffle

It is like a shirt, but also like a dress. Here is Zoe wearing it at the Spring Pugnic.

zoe pug shirt

Everything she wears looks good, but I am pretty impressed with the shirt — finally!

In a few weeks we will be offering the collar to match this shirt. That turned out way cute too.

pugs shirts

I don’t have a great photo of Zack in his alphabet shirt, but you can kinda see how handsome he looked in this photo. That pug behind him, I almost stole that guy. He was the cutest! And he had just undergone plastic surgery to remove some of his face wrinkles because he was getting infections. He was going around telling everyone that he had a little freshening up done for the Pugnic. Either way, he was the cutest! 😉

Back to the shirts– I am not sure that I am describing them well. I call the letter shirt the Alphabet Shirt, but really it is the Initial Shirt since the customer chooses the dogs first initial for us to sew on. I think people don’t know that they choose the letter! What do you think?

You can get this beautiful shirt here.

2 thoughts on “The All Consuming Doggie Shirt

  1. Carol says:

    Just wanted to share how much we love this shirt/mini dress. The sizing is great, we got one for our yorkie and one for our Chinese Crested and they both fit perfectly. Even had them monogrammed with their names!

  2. melissa says:

    hi amanda!
    oh i love the new shirts! the skirt ruffle at the bottom is so creative and perfect! you are amazing!
    what if you called the letter shirts – monogrammed shirts
    that way people will know right away that it is the first letter of the name that they get to choose. 🙂

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