True Love Has Four Paws:
A Heartwarming Valentine’s Day Dog Story

For dog lovers, our pups play such a big part in our lives and our families that they also tend to play a role in our romantic relationships. This month we reached out to our followers and asked them to tell us their stories of how their dogs had played a role in their relationships and to share their Valentine’s Day dog stories. We received such great responses.

For those of us that are single – our dogs can be the biggest loves of our lives. For those of us whose significant others are far away – they keep us company through the hardest nights. For those of us that are married – they help us feel like a whole family. For those that are dating – they can help us figure out who passes the test.

In the spirit of Valentine’s day, we’re sharing one of our favorite Valentine’s day dog stories from one of our customers whose dog helped her do just that.

Liz & Chris’s Valentine’s Day Dog Story

“I’d call this love at first sight, but as many of you know, Frank is mostly blind. Chris has a special relationship with each of my dogs, but this relationship has to be my absolute favorite. For Chris, this was love at first sight. But for Frank, this wasn’t love at first sniff, or even love at 7th sniff 😆. Frank was my first rescue dog and was definitely love at first sight for me too.

I literally think he’s an angel sent down from heaven, I don’t know what I did to deserve such a precious, sweet dog. When Chris and I started dating almost 5 years ago, I was super protective of my dogs and who they met, you’d think they were my own flesh and blood . Frank bonded super strong with me, but had a hard time bonding with anyone else, even Chris.

One of the many reasons I love Chris, he’s very persistent and doesn’t give up. After years of snuggles and thousands of treats, they’ve grown the cutest bond. Frank spends 80% of his time snuggled in Chris’s armpit, the other 20% he’s eating (FOOD IS LIFE). They truly adore each other, and it’s very apparent in the photos I periodically snatch. Forever in love with these two.♥️💗💋🐾

Chris’s names for Frank:

  • Foo
  • Foo-y
  • Deaf Boy
  • Deaf Seal
  • Deaf Pig
  • Dough Boy

Chris’s favorite activities with Frank:

  • Sleeping
  • Snuggling
  • Snacking
  • More Sleeping
  • Snuggling

Chris and Frank’s favorite snacks to share:

  • Tacos
  • Cereal
  • Bacon


Liz Eby (Frank’s momma)

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