Why Your Pup Needs a Hunting Dog Collar for Your Next Hunting Trip

When it comes to taking your dog hunting, your dog’s safety should be the number one priority on your list. Hunting dog collars can provide you and your pup with the peace of mind you deserve.

Here are a few things you should know about the importance of hunting dog collars and the best collars you can get for your pup:

The Importance of Reflective Hunting Dog Collars

It takes time to train your dog and teach it to be a true hunter.

Having your four-legged hunting companion properly equipped with high visibility hunting dog collars can help immensely. You can spot your dog much easier with reflective hunting dog collars. An orange hunting dog collar, for example, makes your furry hunting partner clearly visible to the entire party from long distances away.

Mimi Green’s reflective dog collars give off a brilliant shine so your pup can be seen in the great ourdoors – whether hunting, hiking, camping or simply going out on an adventure.

Custom Hunting Dog Collars

If you’re looking for more than just a highly-visible dog collar for your hunting partner, consider a custom hunting dog collar. When selecting which collar to customize, keep these factors in mind:

  • Bright colors – help keep your dog visible while hunting at all times. Choose from neon orange, yellow, pink, green, and more.
  • Camouflage collars – in case you’re dealing with a close-working dog, you need camo hunting dog collars, as this allows your four-legged hunting partner to blend in with the nature around them. These dog collars are especially useful if you’re into waterfowl hunting.
  • Waterproofness and durability – when you’re out in the wilderness, exposed to everything mother nature offers us, you’ll want to choose a collar that will be durable, waterproof and easy to clean. Stink-proof dog collars are a great choice to ensure you can keep your pup smelling good even after a day out in the woods.
  • Accessories — adding a dog tag, engraved buckle or other accessory will make sure your four-legged friend can be easily identified.

Hunting dogs are required to venture into the woods, run, swim, crawl through the dirt, so you need a high-performance, durable dog’s collar. Coated webbing is definitely one of the best durable materials for hunting dog collars, as it won’t absorb water and performs great under extreme conditions.

The Best Hunting Dog Collars for your Pup

When it comes what your best options are for buying the right hunting dog collar, here’s what we recommend:

These are just a few of many hunting dog collars that are perfect for your pup. If you’re on the market for the ideal hunting dog collar, shop with Mimi Green today!