We did it! Mimi Green Dog Collars has a home!

mimi green studio We got a place! And I am in love with it.  It is right outside of Nob Hill, right by a freeway entrance/exit, and 1/2 a mile from a drive thru Starbucks.  (I took these photos with my iPhone, so they kinda stink, but you will get the idea;)



I am nuts about the checkerboard floor and the built in desk/office for me.

Also, it has refrigerated air, which in New Mexico, is a huge blessing!

And I really love that we can see the Sandia Mountains from our front window.

mimi green studio

And look, there is a window box for pretty flowers!

The building is cute too, we are the middle one with no sign yet. But I ordered a really awesome one and cannot wait to get it in the window.

mimi green studio


It is 2.5 times bigger than the current Mimi Green studio (it is hard to tell from the photos), so we will finally have room to walk! Plus the prep table won’t have to double as the shipping table and my desk won’t be in my dining room! Yahoo!

The new place is just one mile from our house so Dan and I can ride our bikes in the morning. I am so excited, my head could explode! We move in on Feb. 15, what a cool Valentines present, right?

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