Where did last month go?

I got so busy in Dec. that I didn’t get to post a single photo of my favorite pups, Noah and Augustine. Here is a recap f the past month, starting with Mr. Noodle- Head.


Auggie thinks it is SO funny to wear food on his melon. And who can blame him really.


Noah volunteering with Watermelon Ranch Animal Rescue. He wants to adopt every dog he sees, just like his momma 😉


Auggie is finally growing hair!


And an attitude problem!  His personality is so funny. He is so super chill, but if you make him angry, his wrath is EXTREME!


The boys opening presents..


Good thing Aug got a leather chair (just what every baby needs right?) from his Grandma, he was exhausted!

It was great being so busy, but I am kind of missing being able to do normal things like have dinner with friends or even posting on my blog!

Okay, gotta run. I have 2 pugs pushing my computer off my lap right now. More about Olive next time — she has quite a good story!

2 thoughts on “Where did last month go?

  1. Masters Tickets says:

    We have two leather chairs and one day I noticed it had a name carved in the back. All my daughter said I did not do it! When Savannah was the only one that could write her name. Its still there. I guess one day the chair will be hers. Its got her name on it!

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