Bella Creature Comforts Joins Shop Mimi Green along with 5 Others!

This week has been mad I tell you! Well, so was last week for that matter. Now that the site is up I keep thinking of little things to do to it, like invite new vendors to join me.

Now we are up to 6 total vendors:


And finally, for now, Bella Creature Comforts who we just got yesterday:

Maybe I am just a freak, but I so want to bath in Good Clean Dog products, wear Cookie Moon Splash as my perfume, I bought a Red Dingo tag for my self (key chain bling), I want to munch those Little Pies treats, and I want a Big Bella Bed to curl up and read a book in.

I prob wouldn’t wear a Mimi Green Collar or Leash, but I am using the MImi Key Fob like crazy. I gave one to Kim who now says she needs a Mimi Bracelet since she is virtually using her Fob as a bracelet at this point!
I love the two rings, which is Kim’s brain child, because I can hang my Red Dingo off the top one and my keys off the bottom. Another great use? Hanging a coin purse off the top so you can carry your cards, license, etc. and not have to lug a bag. Now if I could just figure out how to hang my iPhone….