Mimi Green Collars Featured on the Drew Barrymore Show

We are so excited to have been featured on the Drew Barrymore Show! Last month, The Drew Barrymore Show partnered up with Etsy to showcase new trends and popular items to help viewers find the best gift for your loved ones during the holiday season. Our hand embroidered velvet dog collars were one of the items Etsy and Drew Barrymore suggested.

What Drew Barrymore and Etsy Thought About Our Velvet Collars

Drew Barrymore described our hand embroidered velvet dog collars as “so chic and beautiful” while the Etsy representative stated that these collars were the perfect way to show your dog love. To hear it for yourself, you can watch the episode here.

“So luxe and really perfect for our fur babies.” Etsy representative

“This is so chic and so beautiful.” Drew Barrymore

Of course, we couldn’t agree more! These hand embroidered velvet collars are extremely personalizable and give you the opportunity to show off your dog’s name in a luxe, hand embroidered cursive, rather than the traditional dog tag. What’s more, with over 35 velvet color options, including Evergreen and Primrose, you’re sure to find a collar that matches both your dogs looks and personality.

More About Our Personalized Dog Collars

Our collars are known for being extremely personalizable and customizable in order to fit your dog’s unique personality! Our collars can be personalized down to every small detail, including the nylon webbing, buckle style and text font. We also offer a wide range of collar styles, from our glamorous Glitter Hearts Dog Collar to our feminine ‘Fleur’ Floral Canvas Dog Collar.

Find the Perfect Gift for Your Pup When You Shop Our Customizable Dog Collars

Show your furry friend how much you love them with a customized dog collar or dog accessory! To shop our hand embroidered velvet collars featured on the Drew Barrymore Show, or any of our other collars, visit our online store today.

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