Leather Vs. Nylon Dog Collar: Pros, Cons, & Difference

Nylon dog collar next to leather dog collar for our compare and contrast

Choosing the right type of collar for your dog can be a tough decision, with so many options to choose from. How can you tell what’s best for your precious pupperino?

Among the many types and varieties of collars, the two most popular are nylon and leather dog collars. But is one better than the other? There might be more to this question than you might think! There are a few things to consider when choosing collars.

Nylon Dog Collars

Afforable. Customizable. Fun

One of the most common and most easy to maintain, nylon dog collars are a low-maintenance option for busy dog parents. Here are answers to some of the most common questions about them:

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Nylon Dog Collars: Facts & Information

  • Material: Flat collars made of woven nylon mesh with a plastic or metal buckle attached. 
  • Customization: They come in various colors and designs and can easily be customized and personalized with embroidery. 
  • Options: Many people choose nylon collars because they are easy to find and fit for dogs of every size.
  • Maintenance: Nylon collars are easier to clean and don’t retain as many smells.
  • Price: Nylon collars cost less than other collars, making them cost-effective. Our nylon collars range from $20-40. 
  • Durability: They’re lightweight and strong, able to hold up impressively in water and humid climates.
  • Skin Sensitivity: While nylon collars are safe for dogs, some dogs are sensitive to or allergic to nylon. Before you get one for your pup, talk to your veterinarian to see if it has any sensitivity to nylon.

Cleaning Nylon Dog Collars

Nylon dog collars are easier to clean and don’t retain as many smells. They’re also very waterproof/resistant. So, if your pup still finds a way to get their collar stinky and dirty, you don’t have to stress about cleaning.

You can clean a nylon dog collar with soap and a bucket, in the dishwasher, or washing machine.

Leather Dog Collars

Fox heeler in Studded Leather Fi Compatible dog collar Belt Buckle durango kid

Classy. Stylish. Durable

Leather dog collars provide a classy and timeless look for dogs. There are many personalization options for leather dog collars, such as embossing or even carved designs.

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Leather Dog Collars: Facts & Information


  • Material: Mimi Green uses thick, full-grain English bridle leather—beveled and hand-polished—and only the sturdiest hardware.
  • Customization: Add an engraved buckle or nameplate with your dog’s name, details, and medical info. Select the style of leather band you like, the size, then pick a buckle style. 
  • Options: Leather dog collars typically come in flat and rolled shapes. Rolled collars are a fantastic option for pups with thick, longer fur since they prevent the fur from getting matted, as it would with a flat collar.
  • Maintenance: A leather dog collar should be cleaned every couple of months to keep it at its best. 
  • Price: Quality leather collars are more expensive than other dog collars. Our leather collars range from $45 to $120 for our custom studded “lux” collar.
  • Durability: One of the best aspects of leather collars is that they are extremely durable and can last a dog’s life as long as it is maintained correctly.
  • Skin Sensitivity:  Leather collars are made from safe, natural, and organic materials. Because of this, they are less likely to irritate than collars made from other materials. Without proper maintenance, leather dog collars can become dry and brittle and can potentially cause chafing.
  • Comfortability: Leather collars “breathe” and can take in the oils from your dog’s coat and skin to help them break in and soften, making them more comfortable. 
  • Water-Permeability: As long as the leather is regularly and properly maintained, it can get wet! However, if your dog is a water lover, we’d recommend a waterproof dog collar as an alternative.

Custom and Designer Nylon/Leather Dog Collars

With so many options available, it’s important to remember that collars play a crucial role in keeping your furry pal safe. Shop for a collar that fits well, keeps your pet secure, and matches your and your dog’s personality. 

Mimi Green offers a wide range of patterns, colors, and designs for our dog collars and leashes made from nylon, leather, and more!