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Wanna Borrow My Rubit Images?

So my good friend over at the wonderful website just had some of his original images ripped off by a kind of lousy website that was too lazy to photograph the products themselves. Needless to say, my friend is pretty upset since they didn’t even bother to ask him to use the images.

I, on the other hand, have the opposite problem.  In Chicago, at the Backer trade show, our neighbors were the very cool guys from Rubit! — the clip on dog tag holder company. Now these guys have it made. They have brought to market the best idea since the dog tag itself. This little gadget allows owners to easly switch their dog tags from collar to collar – which is great for our customers that have more than one of our collar designs. We knew that we HAD to carry these on our site.

Since they are such a new company, I had problems finding stock images to use, so I took my own. This wasn’t a problem at all since now our customers can see how cool Rubits look on our collars and I love any excuse to pull out my trusty Canon SLR camera!

large rubit clip on dog tag holder
But I also had a secret hope. I was hoping that some sites WOULD rip off my image. Mimi Green is also a fairly new company and I take great joy in spreading the word about our collars. Plus I figured since Rubit hasn’t released a ton of images yet that ours would stand out.

small red rubit dog tag clip
Today I was almost as sad as my friend at Bark Slope was when a simple google image search told me that NO ONE had borrowed my super cool Rubit images! What the heck, right!?!

So here is my public offering — should you be reading this and you would like to use my Rubit images, feel free, very free.

However, we should all remember that the internet is a tricky beast. I want folks to use these particular images, but its all for shamless promotion.  We must respect each other enough to ask other sites should we want to use their images. Stealing to avoid extra work is not cool.

But don’t think of using my Rubit images as “stealing”, lets just call it “borrowing”. And when your customers ask what crazy awesome collars those Rubits are attached to, don’t forget to tell them they are MIMI GREEN!! rubit dog tag clips

PS: Second public decloration of the day — I WILL take better care of this blog. I love it, I do, but Mimi Green has been busy beyond words lately. Will post more about that soon too. Growing is great, but boy has it be exhausting!

Double PS: Rubits rock. I have them on all my doggies since I can NEVER get their tags on and off easily. These make switching collars a sinch. Rubits are on my must buy list for all dog and cat owners!

xo– amanda

Say Goodbye to Doggie Skin Problems!

I should have mentioned in my Easter post what products helped Chupa's skin so much. Her skin had turned elephant-like in many areas so hair wouldn't grow there. Paula started using Canine Earth Aweseome Apple Paw Balm on her and it softened her skin right up! Nothing else seemed to work — not the prescribed shampoo, not antibiotics.  But after a few weeks of using the Paw Balm, Chup's skin not only softened but the hair started to grow back!

natural dog paw balm

The natural balm also works really good on Piggie's dry nose and its natural antiseptic properties totally healed an infection Chup got in between her toes and between her puggie wrinkles. 

A little shout out to Canine Earth, "Canine Earth products are formulated with 95-100% USDA Certified Organic ingredients and have a pH to complement canine skin and coats. The same way human skin can be negatively affected by soaps with high pH and chemical ingredients, the same problems can affect your pet."

organic dog paw balm and dog shampoo

So far all of the Canine Earth products have totally impressed me. They also make natural, organic dog shampoo and conditioners.

The Mango is my fav, it smells like heaven but isn't too perfumy.

Chup is my fav too. How can you not love that puggie face!

natural dog shampoo and paw balm

(**Disclaimer: I promise to never push products on you I haven't tried and don't adore. We love what we sell and we sell what we love — Mimi Green is truly a labor of love. xoxo **)

Mimi Green in her natural environment….

I've been wanting to post these photos for over a month now and just haven't had time!  I met Nicole at     3 Dogs and a Chick  when I fell in love with her Adopt a Dog Shirts (witch I now own!) She placed a wholesale order with us and we have developed a great friendship!  Someday I want to go out to Ft. Walton Beach Fl to see her fabulous shop. Until then, I have these photos — doesn't her store make Mimi look so good!?

Mimigreen2 Mimigreen1

These next photos are from before she started carrying Mimi, but I want you to see how cute the store is


Also, you MUST go to Nicole's etsy shop to check out her treats, there are lots of new ones for St. Patrick's Day!

Doggie Throw Up No More

I’m pretty nuts over these Brake-fast bowls.
Granted poor Cessie didn’t come to us with very many teeth, still I get the feeling that isn’t the reason that she insists on swallowing her food whole.  Then some days if she has eaten, excuse me, frantically gobbled, too much food she throws it all up — whole.

This morning I read about this Brake-fast bowel and I think this is our solution. The pegs in the middle slow your pup down so the excitement of a big bowel of food doesn’t force them to swallow whole.

Plus they are only like 16 bucks. I wonder if we can get them for Shop Mimi Green…hhmmmm….