Non-Slip Dog Collars: How to Use Them & Top 3 Picks

No slip dog collar martingale

Non-slip dog collars—also known as anti-slip collars or martingale collars—are the ultimate solution for a no-slip dog collar. While these collars have been indispensable to Greyhound owners for quite some time, non-slip collars have become more and more popular among pet parents with dogs of all breeds in recent years. 

So, let’s take a closer look at what non-slip dog collars are, how they work, what breeds benefit the most from these collars, and how to choose and fit a non-slip collar for your dog.

What Is a Non-Slip Dog Collar?

A non-slip dog collar is an adjustable dog collar that provides you and your pup with additional security while you’re out on walks or doing other outdoor activities. These collars are often used for dogs whose heads are smaller than their necks to prevent them from slipping out and possibly running away.

How Do Non-Slip Collars Work?

Non-slip dog collars offer easy functionality so you and your pup can feel comfortable during outdoor activities. Here’s how to use them:

  1. Loosen the collar diameter with the tri-glide.
  2. Slide the collar around your dog’s neck.
  3. Tighten the collar to the correct size with the tri-glide.
  4. Attach your leash to the collar’s D-ring.

When your dog pulls, the loop upfront on the collar tightens, preventing them from escaping.

Correctly adjusted collars never choke the dog, but they do stay snug around the dog’s neck until the pressure is released.

martingale collar image

Choke Collar vs Non-Slip Dog Collar

Since non-slip collars tighten when the leash is tense, non-slip collars might seem like they are the same or similar to choke collars. However, a properly fitted non-slip collar does not choke the dog. Non-slip collars only tighten to the width of a dog’s neck, whereas choke collars don’t have a limit.

chain collar

Choke Collar

No tightening limit

non-slip collar martingale

Non Slip Collar

Tightens to the width of a dog’s neck

What Breeds Benefit the Most from Anti-Slip Collars?

Dog wearing Non-Slip-Collar

Non-slip collars are great for dogs whose heads are smaller than their necks, such as:

  • Greyhounds
  • Whippets
  • Pugs
  • Wheaten Terriers
  • Jack Russell Terriers
  • Salukis
  • Other Slim-Headed Breeds

Anti-slip or non-slip collars are also a great choice for dogs who tend to back out of their collar, or for people who want more control over their dog and the leash.

How to Fit a Non-Slip Collar for Your Dog

Fitting a Slip-On, Non-Slip Collar

  1. Measure the middle of your dog’s neck.
  2. Measure the largest part of your dog’s head.
  3. NOTE: If your dog’s neck is larger than its head, you will use your dog’s neck measurement to determine the size you need. If your dog’s head is larger than its neck, you will use your dog’s head measurement to determine the size you need. 
  4. Add at least 1 inch for smaller dogs and at least 2 inches for larger dogs to determine the final measurement.

Fitting a Buckle Non-Slip Collar

  1. Measure the middle of your dog’s neck.
  2. Add at least 1 inch for smaller dogs and at least 2 inches for larger dogs to determine the final measurement.

To learn more about how to find the right size collar for your dog, check out our dog collar sizing guide.

3 Best Non-Slip Dog Collars

martingale collar waterproof quick side release

1.  Waterproof Non-Slip Collar

With waterproof non-slip dog collars, you can take dog on outdoor adventures without the worry of ruining your dog’s collar. Mimi Green’s waterproof anti-slip collars are built to repel water and grime while also ensuring your pup stays safe and secure in their collar.

Leather Martingale Collars

2.  Leather Non-Slip Collar

Choose from numerous leather non-slip collars including black, brown, chestnut, red, navy blue, and so many more! With Mimi Green’s non-slip collars, you can also personalize your leather non-slip collar with optional buckles or nameplates.

1.5_ nylon quick release martingale w nameplate 2

3.  Nylon Non-Slip Collar

Mimi Green’s nylon non-slip collars are durable, washable, and made from superior quality nylon—capable of withstanding over 3100 pounds of pressure. These strong and durable dog collars come in five sizes and three widths, so you’ll have no trouble finding the perfect collar for your pup.

Shop Mimi Green’s Non-Slip Collars for Dogs

Mimi Green offers non-slip collars in a variety of patterns, designs, materials, and colors. Whether you’re looking for leather non-slip collars,  waterproof non-slip collars, or something else, Mimi Green can help. And you can also personalize our non-slip collars however you’d like. In addition to our vast selection, almost every Mimi Green collar can be made into a non-slip style; just be sure to select “Martingale” when choosing your buckle.

Support a small, woman-owned business where all non-slip dog collars are designed and handmade in the USA!