6 Best Non-Stink Dog Collars

Bean purple biothane rubber

Dogs get into all sorts of messes. From rolling in grass and mud puddles to swimming at the dog beach, dogs get into all sorts of messes. When it comes to dog collars, an active dog lifestyle can result in a collar getting dirty and smelly.

Luckily, there are certain odor proof dog collars available to prevent your pup’s collar from stinking with little to no maintenance and keep it as good as new for as long as your dog wears it! Mimi Green lists some of our favorite anti-stink dog collars below.

Our Top Waterproof Stink-Proof Dog Collars

While all of our dog collars are washable to prevent stink and keep them looking great, personalized waterproof dog collars are the best way to enjoy an odor free dog collar without constantly needing to clean it. Here are our best waterproof collars for dogs.

1. Waterproof Martingale Collar with Engraved Riveted Nameplate

waterproof leather alternate martingale dog collar

This collar is a perfect non-stink alternative to leather. Since it is a martingale collar, it is a great choice for dogs that pull and are working on their leash skills. This collar also comes in 16 beautiful colors, such as red, yellow, and aqua blue. What’s more, the martingale collar also can be customized with an engraved riveted nameplate. Engrave your furry friend’s name and contact information!

2. Reflective Waterproof Dog Collar

reflective dog collars

Are nighttime walks a part of you and your pup’s routine? These waterproof reflective personalized dog collars will not only prevent the collar from smelling, but it will protect your dog by making your dog more visible in the dark to others. In fact, these collars provide reflection up to 1,000 feet in the dark! You can decide to get your dog’s name and contact information engraved right onto the collar in the font of your choice for additional personalization.

3. Lightweight Biothane Waterproof Dog Collar with Engraved Buckle – The Day Trip Collection

engraved waterproof biothane dog collar.

Our lightweight biothane waterproof collars from the Day Trip collection are perfect for a day filled with outdoor activities. This collar is easy to clean and won’t fade or stink, leaving you with a low-maintenance collar that always seems new. Live in a cooler climate? The biothane material stays flexible even in freezing weather. This collar is available in 10 different colors that are sure to turn heads at the dog park, including bright green, cobalt blue, teal, and tangerine orange.

4. Wide Riveted Nameplate Waterproof Dog Collar For Large Dogs — 1.5″ Width

wide colorful waterproof dog collar for big dogs

Have a large dog? This waterproof no-stink dog collar comes in a 1.5-inch width to accommodate your large pup. Like our other waterproof collars, this collar is stink proof and stain resistant, making it great for hunting and sporting dogs who are prone to getting their collars dirty. Personalize your waterproof odor resistant dog collar by getting your dog’s name and your contact information engraved on the riveted nameplate!

5. Waterproof Dog Collar with Riveted Nameplate

waterproof nameplate dog collar

This collar is the same style and offers the same benefits as the last collar — it’s just in a different size, made for small to medium sized dogs! It has a great leather look without the maintenance of leather and is resistant to becoming stinky. What’s more, you can personalize the collar by getting your dog’s name engraved on the riveted nameplate, choosing from different buckle colors, and more!

6. Waterproof Leather Alternative Dog Collar with Engraved Buckle

waterproof dog collar side release buckle

Made in the USA, this collar is durable and high-quality. It is available in 20 fun colors, including strawberry coral pink, cloud blue, and wine. The buckle can be personalized with your dog’s name and your contact information engraved in the font of your choice. No matter how active your pup is, this odor free dog collar is guaranteed to stay clean and smelling fresh!

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Looking for a no-stink dog collar for your active pup? At Mimi Green, we have a wide range of custom waterproof dog collars that will fit your dog’s unique personality and look. Shop our personalized waterproof dog collars online today!