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The All Consuming Doggie Shirt

So I've been gone for awhile and part of the reason is these new shirts. I have been designing, adjusting, adding, photographing and messing with these shirts for weeks.

Here is a photo of the most recent incarnation:
mimi green dog shirt with ruffle

It is like a shirt, but also like a dress. Here is Zoe wearing it at the Spring Pugnic.

zoe pug shirt

Everything she wears looks good, but I am pretty impressed with the shirt — finally!

In a few weeks we will be offering the collar to match this shirt. That turned out way cute too.

pugs shirts

I don't have a great photo of Zack in his alphabet shirt, but you can kinda see how handsome he looked in this photo. That pug behind him, I almost stole that guy. He was the cutest! And he had just undergone plastic surgery to remove some of his face wrinkles because he was getting infections. He was going around telling everyone that he had a little freshening up done for the Pugnic. Either way, he was the cutest! 😉

Back to the shirts– I am not sure that I am describing them well. I call the letter shirt the Alphabet Shirt, but really it is the Initial Shirt since the customer chooses the dogs first initial for us to sew on. I think people don't know that they choose the letter! What do you think?

You can get this beautiful shirt here.

My little black hairy boyfriend

I hope my husband isn't too jealous. I don't normally kiss men other than him. hehe.


I love this boy. Isn't he the most handsome thing you have ever seen? Only a real man can pull off, and enjoy, wearing a crochet flower! Zack kept bringing me over flowers that he liked, he did end up keeping that white one 😉


And his sis Zoe looks like these flowers were made for her!


Isn't she amazing??


Well I am totally in love with these two. And it makes me so happy that they are the first owners of our new flowers.

Bottle Baby Olive

Look what I caught little olive doing:
olive dog drinking baby bottle



She totally didn't see what the problem was…

Cessie had to go and tell her…

So Olive very reluctantly pushed it away.

And spent the rest of the afternoon sulking.


Cessie had to console her…

And then all three dogs went and cuddled.


That was yesterday. Today I caught her with Auggie's bottle again, but this time she chewed the nipple off! Good thing she is so cute and sweet!
I wonder if she was bottle fed — she seems to have the sucking thing down!

Black Beauties

pug and lab

Etta has no idea what to think of Olive. Neither do we really. See Olive came from, well, a family that maybe shouldn't have owned dogs. When I met her I could see that she was underfed and VERY scared of people. I wasn't sure that she was "my dog" since she wouldn't even come near me, but my heart told me that I needed to help this girl out. 

She is super sweet. Doesn't have a single aggressive bone in her body, doesn't bark, and gets along with the other dogs smashingly.  And look how beautiful she is! Her black coat is so shiny — totally stunning dog.

Problem is this: she is very withdrawn. We have had her here since New Years Eve and I still don't feel like we have seen her personality. Poor thing has the weight of the world on her shoulders. I can't tell if she is happy/ sad, cold/ hot, hungry…etc..  It is super sad to see an animal in such emotional distress.

I am worried that she will never open up, she doesn't trust people anymore. She knows her new name, but she won't come to it. In fact, if you want to pick her up you have to chase her around the house. I am doing everything I can think of to make her comfortable, but it isn't working. I bought her a new bed, we have been taking her on walks, feeding her yummy food. Olive is so timid that she wouldn't take a treat from my hand until yesterday. I have to beg her to eat too, for some reason she is scared of meal time.

If anyone has experience with a withdrawn animal, I'd love to know what came of it. She is such a gentle animal, I can't believe that anyone hurt her. But now I don't know how to bring her back and I want to so badly!

Cessie really likes her, which shocks me since she isn't that into any other dog she has met. That must mean something right!!

New Rescue Pug…

Look who we found…

black pug in a pink shirt

This beautiful baby didn't have a home..

black pug in a pink shirt

We named her June bug…

black pug in a pink shirt

Then we changed her name to Olive and are calling her Ollie.

black pug in a pink shirt

She seems to be warming up to us fast. And shockingly Cessie loves her, she even let Ollie borrow her treasured pink shirt 😉

I really hope it works out so we can add another member to our family!