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Designer Dog Collars

mimi green designer dog collars

If you are looking for a super cool designer dog collar, Mimi Green is the right shop for you! Our dog collars are not only cute, but are super strong and high quality. Mimi Green Designer collars are handmade in the USA right here in our studio!

Whether you have a boy dog or girl dog we have a collar for you. We have pink collars, blue collars, yellow collars, any color you can imagine! And all Mimi Green dog collars are super fashionable, these are designs you won’t find anywhere else.

Mimi Green collars work great for both small dogs and big dogs, because our collars are not only good-looking, but also very tough. The nylon webbing we use on our collars can withstand over 3100 lbs of pressure, and our contoured buckles are used by our military - so you know those are the best on the market!

Our dog collar buckles can be customized to create a martingale collar (limited slip), brushed aluminum metal buckle collar, or a contoured black plastic buckle collar. 

Not only all that, but we can personalize most all of our dog collars! We hand embroider the collars to create a custom creation just for your dog! Customized dog collars are all the rage and we have some of the best looking ones around!

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