Dog Collar Sizing: How to Find The Right Size Collar for Your Dog

Dog collars are an important part of keeping your dog safe. Not only do they provide crucial identification information if your dog runs away, but, when properly fit, collars also help keep your dog secure on its leash during walks. However, collars are only able to keep your dog safe if they fit correctly on your dog’s neck. Therefore, it is important that you invest in a collar that fits your pup properly. You want to make sure the collar is not too loose, where the dog can wriggle their way out, and not too tight, where your dog has the potential to get injured.

Sizing a Dog Collar

Sizing a dog collar for your pup is simple and can be done within minutes. In order to get an accurate measurement of your dog’s neck size, use a cloth measuring tape and wrap it around their neck. Take measurements at various places of their neck, as the collar may shift slightly over the duration of the dog wearing it. Collars tend to lie at the bottom of the neck, so measuring that area will give you the most accurate measurement of the ideal collar size. You’ll want to add about two inches to your measurements for the right collar size as well. Remember, it is best to get a collar that is a little too large for your dog, as it can always be adjusted to be smaller. It is impossible to adjust a collar to be longer.

Sizing a Dog Collar: The Two-Finger Test

After you receive your collar, you’ll always want to double-check that the collar fits your dog comfortably and securely. You can do this with the “two-finger” test. After securing the collar around your dog’s neck, make sure it has enough room to move around. The collar should not be pressing into your dog’s skin – that means the collar is too tight.

Place two fingers between the collar and your dog’s neck. The collar is fitting correctly if it feels snug. If you have to force your fingers underneath the collar, the collar is too tight. If there is a lot of extra room between the dog’s neck and collar, it is too loose.

You should also ensure that the collar cannot slip over your pup’s head. If the collar can be slipped past your dog’s ears, it is too loose and should be tightened accordingly.

Dog Collar Sizing by Breed

When looking at collar sizes for dogs, note that all dogs are different. Though two German Shepherds will have more similar measurements than a Newfoundland and a Beagle will, it is unlikely that you’ll find one collar that fits two dogs of the same breed perfectly. This is because, even if two dogs are the same breed, they can differ in their neck measurements due to their weight, lifestyle, and other factors.

However, the breed of your dog does influence the best type of collar for them. Dogs with relatively short necks, such as pugs or bulldogs, can benefit from thinner collars. Overly thick collars can be uncomfortable for these types of dogs and can cause chaffing.

Dog Collar Sizing Chart by Weight

Weight will give you a basic idea of where to start when looking for the correct collar sizing for your dog. Below will offer you a starting point of what sized collar to buy based on your dog’s weight:

  • Dogs up to 10 pounds will likely need a collar with a length of 12” or less
  • Dogs between 11-25 pounds will likely need a collar with a length of 11”-15”
  • Dogs between 26-55 pounds will likely need a collar with a length of 13”-18”
  • Dogs between 56-80 pounds will likely need a collar with a length of 16”-24”

While these measurements are a good starting point, it is not guaranteed that the measurements will be 100% accurate. True measurements can vary based on neck size and weight distribution. Therefore, it is best to measure your dog’s neck using a cloth measuring tape if possible.

Dog Collar Sizing Chart

Rather than being advertised as specific inch measurements, most collars are labeled as “Small,” “Medium,” and “Large” sizes. And while these sizes can vary based on the brand, Mimi Green’s dog collar sizing goes as follows:

  • XX Small: Adjustable length of 4”-6”
  • Extra Small: Adjustable length of 6.5”-9”
  • Small ⅝”: Adjustable length of 9”-12”
  • Small 1”: Adjustable length of 9”-12”
  • Medium ⅝”: Adjustable length of 12”-15”
  • Medium 1”: Adjustable length of 12”-15”
  • Large: Adjustable length of 18”-22”
  • Medium Long: Adjustable length of 15”-18”
  • Extra Large: Adjustable length of 22”-25”

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