Puppy Collar Size Chart

Puppy Collar Size Chart

Have you welcomed a puppy into your family? One of the first things they need to learn is how to wear a collar and walk with a leash.

There’s nothing better than watching an adorable puppy learn, play, and grow, but when they get big enough to go on walks outside, a well-fitted collar and leash is crucial to keeping them by your side and safe.

How to Find the Right Collar Size for Your Puppy

All puppies are different, and they all need to wear a collar that properly fits them. Its important to accurately measure your puppy for their collar so they will be safe and comfortable as they start to explore the world.

Both the size of your puppys neck and their overall weight will contribute to the size of their collar.

Measuring Puppy Neck Size

Using a fabric tape measure or a string, measure the circumference of your puppys neck. Be sure to pull the tape snug, but dont tighten it too much. 

Then, to that neck size measurement, you need to add additional length, which will ensure the collar will comfortably fit your puppy. The general rule of thumb is to wrap the tape measure or string around your puppys neck and slip two fingers between the collar and neck. However, while that rule works well for many dogs, it does leave some room for error. Instead, use your puppys weight to determine how much length to add to the neck measurement:

  • For puppies that weigh less than 10 pounds, add 1 inch
  • For puppies that weigh between 10 and 80 pounds, add 2 inches
  • For puppies that weigh over 80 pounds, add 3 inches

The trick is for the collar to be tight enough that your puppy cant slip out of it, but loose enough that it sits comfortably on their neck.

Measuring Puppy Neck Size

Puppy Collar Size by Breed

Some puppy collars list recommendations for what dog breeds they will fit best. However, selecting a collar based on your puppys breed alone is not enough. You can certainly use those recommendations as a guideline for a size range, but the only way to accurately find the right collar size for your puppy is to measure their neck.

Puppy Collar Size Chart

Dogs of any age need collars that are proportionate to their weight and size. Use our puppy collar size chart to get an idea of what size collar your puppy will need:

Puppy Weight Collar Size Mimi Green Collar Size
10 pounds or less 12 inches or less XX Small – Small
11–25 pounds 11–15 inches Small – Medium
11–25 pounds 13–18 inches Medium – Medium Long
56–80 pounds 16–24 inches Medium Long – Extra Large

These general guidelines—combined with an accurate measurement of your puppys neck size—can help you narrow down the large selection of puppy collars on the market. 

How to Choose a Puppy Collar and Leash

Finding the right collar and leash for your puppy is a key part of making sure that their training goes smoothly and that they are safe when going on walks. Heres some advice for choosing the right materials for your puppy.

Select Lightweight Materials

Puppies are small, and a heavy collar will most likely feel uncomfortable. Select a lightweight collar and leash to ensure their comfort. When puppies are especially young or are a toy breed, consider selecting a 3/8” collar which is very small and lightweight but still gets your pup wearing a collar. You can find those here . 

Look for Flat Leashes and Collars

Flat leashes and collars are usually made from nylon. Theyre easy to use and clean, too, which makes them a great choice for puppy owners. 

Get a Well-Fitted Collar

As you look for a collar for your puppy, get a collar that fits them as they are now—not one theyll eventually grow into. Resign yourself to the fact that as your puppy grows, you will inevitably end up purchasing a new collar and leash to fit their larger size.

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Shop Personalized Puppy Collars and Leashes at Mimi Green

Collars and leashes are an important part of keeping your puppy safe and comfortable as they learn, grow, play, and explore. At Mimi Green, we have a wide variety of puppy collars and leashes in many different colors, sizes, and styles. Our products are machine-washable and durable—perfect for puppies that like to explore everything in their path. And we offer high quality, stylish, and custom patterns and designs so that you can find a collar that matches your puppys personality.

Not sure what size or type of collar to order? Were happy to help. Send us an email, and we’ll get started on finding the best collar for your puppy.