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Two Options for Engraving your Custom Dog Collar!

At Mimi Green, each and every collar is handmade for your dog. All your dog’s info will be right on the collar. Genius.

Engraved Buckle

Our laser engraved buckle dog collars are highly functional and super stylish! Whichever buckle you choose will be engraved with a high powered, specialized fiber laser. This ensures that the engraving will be long lasting and look fabulous! If you want a dog collar name tag engraved with your pet’s information in a stylish and high-quality format, Mimi Green is here to provide you with the best products available..

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Engraved Name Plate

Our laser engraved name plate eliminates the need for tags and the jingle jangle that comes along with them.  Plus, this personalized dog collar can include your number, address, microchip number or a combo of the three! Engraving is guaranteed to never wear off!

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Keep in mind, EVERY Mimi Green collar can be personalized

Feel free to browse any the products below that come with personalization or select any collar from our catalog and personalize it the way you want! Before adding your collar, harness, or leash to your cart, you will be asked if you would like to add personalization. Easily add laser engraving or embroidery to most products.

Designer Dog Collars

Tan Plaid 'Scotty' Dog Collar


Designer Dog Collars

Red Plaid 'Scotty' Dog Collar


Designer Dog Collars

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