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Bottle Baby Olive

Look what I caught little olive doing:
olive dog drinking baby bottle



She totally didn’t see what the problem was…


Cessie had to go and tell her…

So Olive very reluctantly pushed it away.


And spent the rest of the afternoon sulking.



Cessie had to console her…


And then all three dogs went and cuddled.



That was yesterday. Today I caught her with Auggie’s bottle again, but this time she chewed the nipple off! Good thing she is so cute and sweet!
I wonder if she was bottle fed — she seems to have the sucking thing down!

Black Beauties

pug and lab

Etta has no idea what to think of Olive. Neither do we really. See Olive came from, well, a family that maybe shouldn’t have owned dogs. When I met her I could see that she was underfed and VERY scared of people. I wasn’t sure that she was “my dog” since she wouldn’t even come near me, but my heart told me that I needed to help this girl out.

She is super sweet. Doesn’t have a single aggressive bone in her body, doesn’t bark, and gets along with the other dogs smashingly.  And look how beautiful she is! Her black coat is so shiny — totally stunning dog.

Problem is this: she is very withdrawn. We have had her here since New Years Eve and I still don’t feel like we have seen her personality. Poor thing has the weight of the world on her shoulders. I can’t tell if she is happy/ sad, cold/ hot, hungry…etc..  It is super sad to see an animal in such emotional distress.

I am worried that she will never open up, she doesn’t trust people anymore. She knows her new name, but she won’t come to it. In fact, if you want to pick her up you have to chase her around the house. I am doing everything I can think of to make her comfortable, but it isn’t working. I bought her a new bed, we have been taking her on walks, feeding her yummy food. Olive is so timid that she wouldn’t take a treat from my hand until yesterday. I have to beg her to eat too, for some reason she is scared of meal time.

If anyone has experience with a withdrawn animal, I’d love to know what came of it. She is such a gentle animal, I can’t believe that anyone hurt her. But now I don’t know how to bring her back and I want to so badly!

Cessie really likes her, which shocks me since she isn’t that into any other dog she has met. That must mean something right!!

Where did last month go?

I got so busy in Dec. that I didn’t get to post a single photo of my favorite pups, Noah and Augustine. Here is a recap f the past month, starting with Mr. Noodle- Head.


Auggie thinks it is SO funny to wear food on his melon. And who can blame him really.


Noah volunteering with Watermelon Ranch Animal Rescue. He wants to adopt every dog he sees, just like his momma 😉


Auggie is finally growing hair!


And an attitude problem!  His personality is so funny. He is so super chill, but if you make him angry, his wrath is EXTREME!


The boys opening presents..


Good thing Aug got a leather chair (just what every baby needs right?) from his Grandma, he was exhausted!

It was great being so busy, but I am kind of missing being able to do normal things like have dinner with friends or even posting on my blog!

Okay, gotta run. I have 2 pugs pushing my computer off my lap right now. More about Olive next time — she has quite a good story!

New Rescue Pug…

Look who we found…

black pug in a pink shirt

This beautiful baby didn’t have a home..

black pug in a pink shirt

We named her June bug…

black pug in a pink shirt

Then we changed her name to Olive and are calling her Ollie.

black pug in a pink shirt

She seems to be warming up to us fast. And shockingly Cessie loves her, she even let Ollie borrow her treasured pink shirt 😉

I really hope it works out so we can add another member to our family!

I am stuck on you… 2009 magnetic calendar

So glad that I got all my Christmas orders out in time! I felt like I was winding down from it all on Sunday. I promised myself that I wouldn't do an ounce of work, but I couldn't help it. I had to at least design some new Mimi stuff.

I don't want to spoil the surprise of the new stationary or magnets, but I will show one thing. The first 10 orders of 2009 will be receiving this awesome Mimi Green fridge calendar.


Isn't my Cessie a super beautiful calendar girl??

2009 — geez can you believe it?

Fell off the Radar…

I don’t know how it happened, but I haven’t written a post in a month!

So much has happened since then, so I will give you a quick photo essay to explain my absence.

First, the super awesome Paws on the Run placed a HUGE order with us! I was sewing sewing sewing and then suddenly it was Nov. 12 — time to go to Mexico!

Here we are riding horses on the beach in Cabo San Lucas.  I would have had a better time if I hadn’t missed my boys so much.

We came home after a week and I had to sew like a crazy woman once again! Got the order out in the nick of time since my order board was starting to overflow!IMG_8575

Then Auggie put jelly all over his belly.  (No this isn’t Dan, it is Auggie. I know it looks EXACTLY like Dan but I know my own child and this is him. It is a good thing my husband is the most handsome man in the world, eh? I am tempted to have another baby just to see if it comes out looking like a clone of myself. It would only be fair.)


Sometimes the things this guy thinks are a good idea scare me. You’ve seen him eat coffee grinds, eat the dirt from plants, now jelly on the belly. I have my hands full, oh boy.

In my downtime I was surfing the net and read about this poor old, fat, black pug who had been dumped on the side of the highway and had no home. He was sleeping in the shelter, which although very nice, is still a shelter and kind of scary for dogs.  Dan owed me one for a stupid thing he did (no, I don’t have pictures of that;)  ) so I was able to convince him to let us bring this little guy home just until he gets adopted. IMG_8569

Isn’t he sweet? The name the rescue gave him is Rajah, which I love, but he won’t answer to it. He does, however, answer to Harpo and Pug. And trust me, I must have called him a thousand names before he descided which he liked.

He has been such an awesome guy. I am just dying to find him a new owner.

And then there has been Christmas orders for Mimi Green. More on that tomorrow!

Lastly, I got the best Pottery Barn knock off desk I have ever seen for my studio. I was gifted some money for my birthday and I figured I owed it to myself to make my work space nicer since I practlcally live in there!



I am so loving the shelves below it. And the room! I can actually put more than just my computer on my desk now. Plus, you might have noticed that I have shelves under my table now.  We moved the sawhorses out, which were genius but served no purpose, and replaced them with shelving to hold all my webbing supplies. Another idea I stole from Pottery Barn, only their table like this costs $1000.


And Cessie loves were her bed sits now — Right in the sun!

Where did I get this desk awesomeness? You might of heard of it, it is a very exclusive little shop called Targ’et Boutique. And last week they had free shipping and 15% off.  What a very happy early birthday present to me huh!?!?

Meet my black son and grandpa


I am going to preface my post by showing you a recent photo of my grandfather and a recent photo of my son Noah.  I am also going to say that my grandfather is first generation New Mexican, but his family came from Mexico. Noah is Navajo Indian and New Mexican (Hispanic) and both he and my grandfather are SUPER dark complected. Okay, onto my post….

Noah woke up this morning to see a historic day in our country's history. Even at 8 years old he knew the great significance of this. Here is what his unblemished heart said:

Noah: "Mommy who won the election last night?"

Me: "Obama did baby."

Noah: "Yes! He changed history right?"

Me: "He did. Isn't it exciting?"

Noah: "Yes. Has anyone else other than Obama ever changed history Mommy?"

Me: "Everyday. Sometimes people do small things to change history, sometimes they do big things."

Noah: "Like when do they change big things?"

Me: "Well when Grandma and Grandpa were born black people couldn't even vote for President …"

Noah interrupting: "You mean Grandpa couldn't vote??!!"

Me laughing a bit : "No honey, Grandpa isn't black."

Noah in shock : "He isn't?? Are you sure? Because he looks like Barack Obama"

Me trying not to giggle: "Yes I am sure. He isn't black. If he were black then I would be and so would you."

Noah in extreme shock: "I am black!!"

Me really really trying not to laugh at him: "No honey, you aren't black you just have dark skin"

Noah looking down at his very dark arm: "But Mommy are you sure?"

Me: "Yes, babe, I am sure. You are Indian, it is different than being Black. Remember we have talked about how you are Indian." 

Noah with a very sad disappointed face: "Oh. But Mommy are you SURE Grandpa isn't Black?"

And then I spent the rest of the day smiling about how beautiful youth is. No one has polluted his brain, no one has killed his innocence. I wish he could just stay that way. 

But maybe this win tells us that people are putting race issues aside for the better good of everyone.   Really it doesn't matter if Noah is Indian or Black or white, nor does it matter what color Obama is. What matters is that we are all people and we all deserve to be seen for so much more than just the color of our skin. 

I am so glad that Noah got to feel a sense of pride this morning, I hope everyone did. Even if Obama wasn't who you wanted to win, we all did get so witness a great moment in our history and I think that it gives way for many more to come. We can all take pride in that.