Big Exciting Changes!

I know I've been kinda neglectful of my blog lately, and for that I am sorry. But it was all for a good cause. We have been making some super great improvements on our collars here at Mimi Green and yes the prices have gone up a bit, but let me explain…

We designed a new line of collars and leashes for a super cool company (I can't tell you who yet, it is still under wraps!) and I had to go looking for new colors of webbing. While doing that I stumbled upon a company that makes the COOLEST colors of webbing — the only thing is that their webbing is twice as thick as the one we were used to using.

After much deliberation, we decided that this new webbing was the way for us to go. The colors are amazing, the strength is unrivaled, and the feel of it in your hands is fantastic.

So basically, we have spent the past month re-making everything! Our studio is a huge mess since we still have the old webbing so that we can send that to our current retailers who need to add to their stock, and we have the new webbing that will begin to ship out to our customers this coming week.


I can't wait to hear what everyone thinks! We love the change, I think it totally transformed our collars which in my opinion already rocked! (not to toot my own horn, but they do right?!)

As for the price increase, the benefits will be worth it!

One: we have the new webbing which is BEAUTIFUL!

Two: after the new line comes out (which will happen in a few weeks!) you will be able to find Mimi Green in a many more upscale doggie boutiques in your area. If all goes well, hopefully most people will be able to buy Mimi locally.

I can't wait to tell you all who we are working with for this new line and show you how awesome it turned out! More to come very soon on that…

6 thoughts on “Big Exciting Changes!

  1. Tara says:

    Love your site and your work. The dogs are PRECIOUS also!!!! Keep up the good work.
    Fellow Lover of Embroidery and Sewing!

  2. Christina says:

    I am thrilled to see that you’re doing so well, Amanda! So exciting! Quick question for you: Do you think you’ll ever produce a matching leash for the Hunter collar? I think it’s masculine enough that I might be able to talk the hubby into letting me get it for Max, but I think I’d want a matching set…

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