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There is no place like home

poppiesI've been thinking a lot lately about growth. 

I am feeling some growing pains at work which brings up so many new feelings. 

Watching Aug become a little man is both hard and exciting for me. I can't believe that only a few months ago he was a blip on an ultrasound screen and now he has opinions about things, he has places to go, things to see. 

And Noah, well compared to the little boy he was this time last year I barely recognize him. He has transformed out of his baby stage and after today he will be a third grader! I thought I was SO  old and mature in 3rd grade, that must be how he is feeling now too. 

And then there are these beautiful poppies that Dan bought for me at the beginning of Spring. They are finally growing and blooming but there is something quite strange about poppies – 

These amazing blooms, well they only last a few days. The slightest breeze, the sprinkle of water on their flower, even a very hot day and they are toast. So beautiful and so big, they get like 18 inches tall, but so fragile. 

But they are always growing new flowers. When one dies off there is 2 to take its place. So maybe this plant isn't so fragile after all. hmmm. 

Off to bed I go. Just like Dorothy and the Lion, these poppies have made me really tired. Well that and the fact that I just got home from working the overnight shift I suppose! But comparing my life to the Wizard of Oz just makes me feel cooler you know? πŸ˜‰

Enjoy the Spring sunshine today!