A Guide to Dog Leash Types

A Guide to Dog Leash Types

Leashes, leads, and harnesses are some of the most important tools you will use throughout your dogs life to keep them safe and comfortable. They allow your dog to explore the world at your side and under your supervision. And, in some states, and many public spaces leashing your dog is the law. Regardless, you dont want to be caught without one.

Choosing the best type of dog leash for your pet can be an overwhelming experience. There are seemingly endless varieties available! How do you narrow down the options?

Our guide to dog leash types will help you get started. We outline important factors you need to consider before purchasing a leash and categorize the different types of leashes to make your search an easy one. Then, when youre ready to choose a leash for your pet, check out the dog leash options at Mimi Green and get ready for a one-of-a-kind leash.

How to Choose a Dog Leash

As you start to research the many different dog leash types, consider these questions. 

How Big and Strong Is Your Dog?

The size and strength of your dog will determine the weight of the leash you should use. A general rule of thumb is that bigger, stronger dogs require thicker, heavier leashes so that you can keep control. Additionally, if your dog is strong enough to yank you or the dog walker around, you may need to consider getting a shorter leash.

How Old Is Your Dog?

Older, well-trained dogs can often handle a bit more freedom in leash length. On the other hand, excitable puppies that are unaccustomed to walking on a leash will pull more frequently and may need stronger and lighter weight leashes depending on their size. (Dont forget that puppies chew on everything, too. Think of finding a leash that can handle their teeth.)

Where Will You Be Walking Your Dog?

The environment where you walk your dog should also be a factor. If you walk your dog in busy, populated areas, like in the city, a shorter leash will give you more control over their movement. If you take lots of walks in nature or in rural areas with fewer people or other animals around, a longer leash will give your dog more independence to safely explore the landscape. Also, depending on the environment, you may want to consider a waterproof leash that is easier to clean if your dog tends to get dirty or muddy.

What Style of Leash Do You Prefer?

As the dog owner, you are the one who will be holding the leash; your own comfort is important, too!

The type of material, size of the leash loop, and style of the clip can all affect your dog walking experience. For example, leashes made from waterproof material or leather can be a good option for dogs who pull a lot as they are a softer grip option from nylon. Test out different options to determine what style of leash you prefer.

What Breed Is Your Dog?

Some dog leash types can cause health problems or discomfort in certain kinds of dog breeds when using with a collar. If your dog is a Yorkshire terrier, Pomeranian, Shih Tzu, chihuahua, pug, or other breed often affected by tracheal collapse, carefully consider whether a harness or collar might be the safer option to walk your dog on.


At What Training Level Is Your Dog?

Well-behaved dogs with experience walking on a leash may be able to handle the independence and freedom of a longer leash. However, dogs in the early stages of training may need a shorter leash that gives you more control over their movements. Our most commonly used length of leash is a five-foot leash for the average dog.

What Is the Law in Your Area?

Many states and public spaces have laws about dog leashing, some of which specify how long leashes need to be. Look up local and state ordinances about dog walking before deciding on the best type of dog leash for your pet. Many public parks and even hiking trails have rules about leashing as well.

6 Popular Dog Leash Types

Most popular dog leashes fall into one of these categories. Use this guide to help you narrow down your search for the best type of dog leash for your pet.

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Strong Red Nylon Leash

1.  Nylon Leashes

The traditional dog leash type is called a flat lead. These leashes can be thick or thin, are often made of nylon, and are usually four to six feet long. They are also easy to use, attaching to your dogs collar with a simple clasp, and often machine washable.

Due to the various thicknesses, materials, and lengths, nylon leads are an excellent choice for a good-quality standard dog leash. The most popular length of a nylon dog leash is five feet, and the most popular width is one inch.

pug rifle paper co fabric dog collar

2.  Fabric Leashes

From velvet to canvas, there are so many options when it comes to a fabric leash. Most are made with a nylon webbing base, with fabric sewn on top to make the leash sturdy and strong. If you like to match, choosing a fabric leash that matches your collar can make for a really fun set.

royal blue reflective waterproof leash

3.  Reflective Leashes

If you walk your dog frequently at night, a reflective leash is a great option to ensure that you and your dog are safe on your evening walk. They catch the light of passing cars and increase your visibility to people passing by. There are both waterproof and nylon reflective leashes available depending on what material you prefer.

Biothane Pastel Purple Leash

4.  Waterproof Leashes

Do have an active sporting dog or one that likes to get messy? They a waterproof leash might be the best option for you. These are frequently made of Biothane which is a super durable and easy to clean material, made in the USA. They preform great in both hot and cold conditions and are available in both lightweight and heavier weights depending on your dog’s needs. They also are comfortable on the hand and are a great soft grip option.

colorful leather dog leashes

5.  Leather Leashes

Leather leashes are a classic leash options that withstand the test of time. Frequently, they are recommended for dogs in training as they are comfortable to hold and only get more comfortable the more you use them. They are available in a wide range of colors, and sure to be a favorite walking tool for years to come. If your puppy is still in the biting stage, you may want to wait on this option as they can be chewed through if left unsupervised.

Dog Leash Couplers

6.  Couplers / Double Dog Leashes

Twice the dogs, twice the fun—and twice the equipment. One solution to the dilemma is a coupler which attaches to your normal leash and split in two so you can walk both dogs at once, which have one handle that separates into two leads. Many are designed to prevent tangling, too, so your dogs can safely walk side-by-side. 

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