Here’s our girl waiting for her Big Boy to be released from school. We are madly in love with her and so happy to let you know that we’ve got a happy ending to our sad story. Lilly’s missed, but not forgotten. You might also want to know how many compliments I’ve received about my key fob. I love having it and think it’s just beautiful. It’s been so handy to have when getting 3 kids from the car and running errands, but is equally as awesome while getting in a run at the dog park. Now I don’t have to pick up dog poo while trying to stop my purse from falling down my arm!! Just my fob, my dog and her wicked awesome leash set and away we go in style!! Many thanks to you again for being such a kind and thoughtful seller.Wishing you the very best of luck in the future and sure to be back again soon for more,