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How to Clean A Dog Collar – Tips & Step-by-Step Instructions

washing a dog collar

You’re here to clean your dog collar to eliminate foul odors, maintain its longevity, and keep your pup looking their best.

Quick Tip: Always read the care label before cleaning your dog’s collar. The label should specify the most suitable method and the recommended cleaning solution.

If there’s no care label and/or you’re still unsure, you can still find a cleaning method if you know what material your dog collar is. This article will share how to clean different types of dog collars. Click any section below to skip to the dog collar material you want to clean. 

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A Guide to Dog Leash Types

A Guide to Dog Leash Types

Leashes, leads, and harnesses are some of the most important tools you will use throughout your dogs life to keep them safe and comfortable. They allow your dog to explore the world at your side and under your supervision. And, in some states, and many public spaces leashing your dog is the law. Regardless, you dont want to be caught without one.

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Dog Harness vs. Collar – Is a Harness Better Than a Collar?

Harness vs collar blog

Regardless of the type of dog you have, dogs need to go on walks. Leashes attach to either a collar or a harness—and while collars have been used for decades for walking your dog, harnesses are also a popular choice. 

There are benefits and drawbacks to walking a dog on a collar vs a harness, so it is important to understand the pros and cons of each to make the best decision for your pup. Check out some frequently asked questions and learn when to use a dog harness vs when to use a dog collar below.

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6 Best Non-Stink Dog Collars

Bean purple biothane rubber

Dogs get into all sorts of messes. From rolling in grass and mud puddles to swimming at the dog beach, dogs get into all sorts of messes. When it comes to dog collars, an active dog lifestyle can result in a collar getting dirty and smelly.

Luckily, there are certain odor proof dog collars available to prevent your pup’s collar from stinking with little to no maintenance and keep it as good as new for as long as your dog wears it! Mimi Green lists some of our favorite anti-stink dog collars below.

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How to Make a Dog Collar: Step-by-Step Guide

collar photo

Making your own dog is the perfect chance to create a customized accessory that fits your pup’s unique personality. You can also make sure the collar is the perfect size for your dog’s neck and is made from the high quality materials your furry friend deserves.

Is it your first time making a DIY dog collar? Don’t fret! Mimi Green shows you how to make a dog collar in the steps below. It is important to note, however, that making a dog collar following these steps requires experience using a sewing machine.

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21 Unique Dog Collars: 2021 Favorites List

Unique Martingale Dog Collars

1. Leather Martingale Dog Collar with Brass Riveted Nameplate

Our leather martingale collar is perfect for those who want a martingale collar that has a classic and high-end feel. The brass riveted nameplate is not only visually pleasing, but is large too, making ID information easy to spot. Choose from a variety of beautiful, rich leather colors, including tan, black, dark brown, olive green, and red.

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Mimi Green Collars Featured on the Drew Barrymore Show

drew barrymore show featured banner

We are so excited to have been featured on the Drew Barrymore Show! Last month, The Drew Barrymore Show partnered up with Etsy to showcase new trends and popular items to help viewers find the best gift for your loved ones during the holiday season. Our hand embroidered velvet dog collars were one of the items Etsy and Drew Barrymore suggested.

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